Roberto Verino

Both creative and business-minded, Roberto Verino is the versatile fashion designer: timeless, functional and always elegant.

For him fashion is a way to insinuate, to seduce; and not to provoke. His passion for life, which comes out of all of his creations, is understood as “vitality, commitment, intensity and non-conformity”.

Roberto Verino is an urban and cosmopolitan fashion brand. His name is a point of reference within the world of Spanish fashion and his creations have been at the most important international catwalks: Paris, Milan, Madrid, New York…

In 1992, his first perfume was created: “VERINO”, which he sees as an essential fashion accessory for the urban and cosmopolitan women who enjoy his creations. Over the years, there have been launches of other fragrance lines for both men and women, culminating in the “RV PURE” line:  two fragrances, men´s and women´s, which represent the most modern version of his fragrances.